We have two rib design's

  Traditional Beaded Ribs 

and our Cross-Fire Eliminator Ribs.

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at each design.



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Add-on Ribs


Our New Shipping Address

 Keen Sports Center 

3501 Mall View Rd Suite 115

Box 249 

​Bakersfield Ca 93306 

All my shipments no matter what shipping company you use, arrive at a UPS store for safe keeping then I'm notified by Text and Emile that I have a package for pickup. NOTE: 3501 is the shopping center address and 115 is the UPS store address within that shopping center and box 249 lets them know who the package belongs to inside the UPS store. Please make sure you put the suite # and box # when shipping or it will delay in us getting your barrel. 

All Aluminum and totally CUSTOM

 traditional beaded rib before and after being powder coated

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Photo's from customer John B ....GREAT photos John thanks for taking the time to send them to us.