Our Traditional Beaded Rib's can be ordered in lengths from just a couple inch's long (we call them bump ribs) to up to 33" in length. Our heights can start from 60th (about the thickness of a dime) and go up to 2" high, it may be possible to go higher depending on rib configuration needed, give us a call and we can talk about it. Need to change point of impact just let us know where your gun is shooting now and where you want it to shoot and we can help with deciding what kind of pitch you many need to accomplish it.Widths on our traditional beaded rib, we can make them just about any width needed including a tapered width. I can buy aluminum in 5/16"  3/8"  and 1/2" so we consider them a standard width because we will not need to machine the width down, so their is no extra cost. if a different width or a tapered width is needed no problem we can take a bigger piece of  aluminum and machine it to whatever width you need but there is a $30.00 machining charge.
A BIG PLUS  If you send in your barrel for rib installation we can do all the measuring for width, length and if you want side slotting we can do that to. We also try if possible to bring the total length of your new rib all the way back to the end of your existing rib, unless its a step rib then we stop at the step or if the new rib is only 60th thick at the back and your existing rib has a downward ramp,( it makes it two thin to match the downward ramp). Because we have your barrel we can custom fit it to your barrel dimensions  BUT if your ordering a rib and you are going to install it your self (not sending in the barrel) the total length for your new rib will stop just before any downward slop because we don't have the barrel to custom fit it for you.

We can custom fit the back of your new rib, example's shown above. We have to take a much larger piece of aluminum (depending on the drop) and machine the bottom off from the front back to the start of the drop, for instance if you are ordering lets say a 1/2" high rib and that rib has a 1/2" drop at the back, we have to take a piece of 1" high aluminum  and then cut off 1/2" off the bottom from the front to the back where the drop starts then we hand cut fit it to match the drop. machining charge $35.00 

NO CHARGE IF your rib comes straight back (no Drop) like the right side photo marked with a red line would show how the back would look like.

Please Note: if your barrel is long like 33" and has a lot of side slotting like pictured below we have found that if we side slot to every other post it lightens up the total weight of the new rib, and that is how we will build it unless specified differently.  

Traditional Beaded Ribs