Attention Please 



if your barrel barely fits in the box/tube when you ship it to us, it will most likely not fit once the new rib is installed and its bubble wrapped,  so please make sure the barrel will fit after the new rib is installed.  We do have boxes that we can put it in for return shipping if it wont fit back in your box. $9.95

All our ribs are made from start to finish for each customer's needs

We start with aircraft quality aluminum, machined for you're pacific needs, then they are powder coated

and sprayed with a epoxy coating for a tough finish.

When ordering a rib please keep in mind that although we strive to be exactly on with wanted heights and widths we may need up to

10 thousands play because of the thickness variances of the powder and Epoxy coatings


     . Different Heights  for a more upright head position, and if needed we can put pitch into the rib to aid in point of impact changes.

  • Traditional Beaded Ribs  can be built starting from 60th (about the thickness of a dime) and go up to 2" high,
  • so there is almost no limit to rib configuration. If you need a rib taller then 2" give us a call and lets see what we can work out for you.
  • CrossFire Elimaniter Ribs  start at 3/16" high and go up from there like the traditional beaded ribs.
  • The reason we start the cross fire ribs at 3/16" high is so we can incorporate the 1/8" groove that is designed into the rib.
  •  Widths we can build both rib designs in different widths. 
  • TAPERED WIDTHS  Traditional Beaded Ribs can be ordered in tapered widths if needed.
  • (sorry we can't do a tapered width on our crossfire ribs )

  • If you have experimented with balsa wood or any other type products and are shipping them with the barrel so we can duplicate it, please
  • make sure they are not attached with anything other then a product like black electrical tape, something simple to remove....WE DO NOT REMOVE​ ADHESIVE THAT YOU USED TO HOLD YOUR PROTOTYPE RIBS ON WITH no two sided tape, silicone, or any other type of adhesive. Please remove all the adhesive before shipping to us. 

All beaded rib orders come with either silver or brass colored beads. The front bead is a BB style bead and the mid is a screw in, again in either color. 

We do have different beads that can be found on the lower part of our price list page.  Beads are placed in your desired location. Cross Fire ribs come

with either a red or green fiber optics just let us know which one to install for you. all ribs are installed with a silicone and it's also included with your order .