Price List 

White bradly bead         Dead Ringer beads                     Flame Beads                Hi Viz Comp $35.95

$8.95                                                   $15.95                                    green $15.95


all our ribs come with beads installed in silver or Brass no extra cost or we have

Optional Beads

  • When ordering a rib please keep in mind that although we strive to be exactly on with wanted heights and widths we may need up to 10 thousands play 
  • because of the thickness variances of the powder and Epoxy coatings
  • Ribs  UNDER 3/8" high will be solid (not side slotted) $160.00
  • Ribs  3/8" up to 1" high $215.00 (side slotting is included in the cost)
  • Ribs Over 1" tall $235.00 (side slotting is included in the cost)
  • Tapered Rib Width  $35.00  we only do tapered widths on our Beaded Ribs  

our Cross Fire Ribs cannot be tapered IN WIDTH

  • Standard Rib Widths  we  can buy aluminum in 5/16"  3/8"  & 1/2" widths so if you need a rib in one

of these widths their will be no additional charge for the above widths.

  • Custom Rib Widths  $35.00 WE CAN make a rib in just about any width needed

but if it is different then the three widths above their will be a $35.00 machining charge because we will

need to take a bigger piece of aluminum and machine it down to your desired width.

Extra Machining $35.00  extra machining like matching and hand fitting the drop in the back of the rib.

Rib Installation  $40.00

If you've experimented with balsa wood or any other type products and are shipping them with the barrel so we can duplicate it, please make sure they are not attached with anything other then a product like black electrical tape, something simple to remove....

WE DO NOT REMOVE​ ADHESIVE THAT YOU USED TO HOLD YOUR PROTOTYPE RIBS ON WITH no two sided tape, silicone, or any other type of adhesive or glues. Please remove all the adhesive before shipping your barrel to us. 

​​Shipping $19.95  to ship your rib to you for you to install

Shipping barrels back to you  I do not charge any handling fees, the cost to ship your barrel back to you is determined by how much insurance you want placed on your barrel.  If you keep the same return insurance amount on your barrel the cost should be within a few dollars of what shipping costs were when you shipped your barrel to me.

Shipping Box $9.95 if once your new rib is installed and your barrel no longer fits back into your old box/tube it will be shipped back to you in one of our boxes. If your box is damaged in shipping I can ship it back in one of our boxes.

if you have any questions don't hesitate to give me a call 661-703-1865