Main Questions We Will Need When Ordering 

Here are the main questions you will be asked

NAME_________________________________________                                      Email ________________________

Address__________________________________________________                    Cell Phone ___________________

City_________________________________   State_________  Zip__________            Home ____________________

Pick a rib design             Traditional Beaded Rib      or      Cross-Fire Eliminator Rib           

Rib Length____________          Center Bead__________        Front Bead____________ 

PLEASE NOTE: we may need up to 10 thousands play on widths due to the variances in the powder and Epoxy coating's

Rib Width   5/16"    3/8"  or   1/2"     is our standard rib widths anything different is considered a custom width

 if your shipping your barrel to us you can simply circle  ( Match my ribs existing width) and we will measure for you

Custom Width______________ or  Tapered Width, back is_____________ wide        Front is _____________wide

Side Slotting.... anything 3/8" high or over will be side slotted 

Beads     Silver    Or    Brass        Optional Bead.....See the price list page _________________________

Rib Height_________________          Are you wanting to change point of impact    YES       NO     

if you circled yes above  are you wanting to    LOWER    or     RAISE    point of impact

What point of impact is your gun NOW shooting _______________ for example 60/40  or 70/30  or 80/20

Where would you like your gun's point of impact to be_______________

if you are shipping your barrel to us  how much insurance  do you want placed

on your barrel for return shipping


Any Notes for us 

do them here