How our Grooved ribs work

The Cross-Fire Eliminator rib has a groove that is 1/8" deep at the front of the rib, as it comes back the groove tapers upwards and ends approximately where your mid bead would be. There is a fiber optic stick sitting down in the groove, at the end of the rib. There is nothing on top of the rib that your eye might occasionally try to look around or over, its all down in the groove at the end of the rib. This design allows only the aiming eye to see the fiber optic, it helps with the confusion that can happen when tracking your target, it also gives you a nice clean aiming plane. I've had people pull the gun up and look down the rib, seeing the fiber optic bead with there aiming eye then i tell them to close their aiming eye and look again their response usually is where did it go. Your off eye is blocked from seeing the fiber optics it only sees the side or top of the rib. Our crossfire ribs can start in widths of 5/16" and wider, because the rib has the 1/8" groove we don't have enough room to make them any thinner when doing the width.

The one eyed shooters

one-eyed shooters are at a disadvantage over the two-eyed shooters. In a lot of cases they have to tape up the dominant eye (don't tape your eye tape your glasses) I don't want anyone calling me saying they can't get the tape off there eyelids LOL. or risk it taking over when tracking the target. One-eyed shooters have less depth perception and don't have the luxury of having the other eye to aid in picking up the target, their one eye has to do all the work. With the crossfire rib the bird to bead relationship becomes more pronounced ensuring a clearer sight picture and increased consistency. It makes it easy to keep their eye on the target without losing sight of the bead in their lower peripheral vision.

Cross-Fire Eliminator Rib

can see the fiber optic

CrossFire Rib

Front View 

See both ribs are the same height

just under the bead 

  Traditional Beaded Rib

        front view with a  

 1/8" standard front bead