All Aluminum and totally CUSTOM

We have two rib design's

  Traditional Beaded Ribs and our Cross-Fire Ribs.

Both are also offered in our Adjustable & Bump Ribs

(bump ribs are short like 9" - 12" long)

Add-on Ribs

Congratulations John

on your 100 straight

Hi Vicki, It's Perfect!

My first registered event of the year down in Florida. I have attached a picture of my squad and me holding up my hat that they just shot all to hell!  Please tell your machinist how happy I am with his work. There was about 90 shooters.


John R.

Bump ribs

The top rib is a traditional beaded rib and the bottom one is an adjustable rib before it was powder coated

Send us a email and tell us how your new rib is working out

Ken Rucker

Speedbump stockworks